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Alocasia Dragon Scale soldout

The Alocasia Dragon Scale is known for its 'dragon scale' like appearance, hence the name! The Dragon Scale plant has silvery leaves with dark green veins running through it. The Alocasia Dragon Scale likes bright light with partial shade....


Pot Size 17cm  Plant Hight 80cm 


Pot Size 10cm  Plant Hight 12cm 

ZZ Raven Plant (Zamioculcas Zamllfolla) soldout

The ZZ Raven Plant (Zamioculcas Zamllfolla) is very easy to maintain - keep away from direct sunlight, give them a good soak once every 15 days approximately in the spring and summer and let her dry out...


Pot Size 12cm  Plant Hight 43cm 


The Pilea Glaucophylla Greyzy likes bright, indirect sunlight. Water from the bottom, using a saucer, once a week and mist every three days over the leaves. If the Pilea is planted in a pot with no drainage...


To care for you Rabbit Foot Prayer Plant (Maranta Kerchoveana) water once a week from the bottom of the plant if it has drainage holes, and allow the soil to dry out before watering again. Maranta grow...


Begonia Maculata Wightiis prefer good light out of the midday sun, they also don't like to get cold. So in winter, keep them away from window sills which are typically colder. When the soil on top is...


The Prayer Plant (Maranta Fascin Tricolour) is non-toxic to cats and dogs and grows best in bright light but will tolerate shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Water once a week from the bottom of the plant if it has...

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