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Step by step on how to take easy cuttings!

Step by step on how to take easy cuttings!

Learn how to take cuttings of your favourite shrubs using 'cuttings'.

If you've got a favourite plant, cuttings is an easy way to make more of the things you love!

Many plants will grow new, firm shoots from late June to early August that can be cut from the plant with a pair of secateurs and will root when put into damp compost.

  1. Make sure your plant is a healthy mother plant that has no pests or isn't flowering.
  2. Ensure your cuttings are 5 to 10cm, with lower leaves being removed to prevent rotting in the soil. Keep one or two leaves at the top of the cutting.
  3. The cutting will root better if the end is dipped in rooting liquid or powder.
  4. Fill a pot with free-draining compost (in other words, 50% compost, 50% grit).
  5. Put your cuttings around the pot, keeping leaves clear of the soil and then water!
  6. Put pot into a propagator or inside a sealed clear plastic bag.
  7. Place in a light place!
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